Our participation in European and global discussions

We participate regularly with a Wide Selection of European and Global counterparts and analysts, both bilaterally and in multilateral forums. This is to:

  • Enhance cooperation
  • Share best practice and
  • Discuss issues of common interest
EU and international regulatory policy and standards, and their implementation, supervision and enforcement in the UK, are integral to our remit. We work to Realize Effective, proportionate and consistent European and global standards in relation to issues within our remit. These problems include behavior, consumer Protection, market ethics, competition and related prudential problems.


We engage proactively with our counterparts in the EU in addition to EU institutions. As the global representative at the European Securities and Markets Authority, we participate actively in a wide range of groups developing policy and regulatory rules.


We dedicate significant Resources and time into global participation, to the work of international Standard setters and other international bodies.